Design next level sites with WordPress

Design better sites with WordPress right in the browser without needing code, Blockify provides all the tools you need.

Everything you need

The most lightweight block toolkit for the WordPress Editor

Dark mode

The smartest dark mode system for WordPress full site editing. Change every color with easy to use settings in the Editor.

Less code

Less coding needed to customize every aspects of your site without needing to write a single line of code.

100% page speed

Built with performance in mind from the beginning so that you can achieve lightning fast page speed scores

Easy to customize

Minimal customization features that extend WordPress in a natural way for an enhanced editing experience

Design library

Resources to help you create WordPress sites even faster. Click-to-copy patterns, color palettes, gradients and more

Responsive settings

Fluid design system with extra minimalistic responsive settings to change the layout, size and spacing of blocks

Block Patterns

Beautiful pre-designed sections ready for your next project

Choose from 500+ expertly crafted, responsive block layouts for your next project. Save time, avoid starting from scratch, and create stunning websites and user interfaces with ease.

  • Header and footer
  • eCommerce
  • Hero sections
  • Click to copy

Global styles

Responsive, fluid design system that automatically scales

Personalize your site colors, gradients, spacing, typography, and more. Apply site-wide changes or fine-tuned changes to individual blocks. Update your brand and build world-class, responsive UIs with precision. Fluid spacing, typography and display styling that automatically scale with device screen sizes.

  • Color palettes
  • CSS Filters and Transforms
  • Animations
  • Element styles
  • Responsive settings
  • Absolute positioning

Dark mode

Delight users with automatic dark mode theme switching

Improve the user experience by offering one-click light and dark theme switching. The intelligent dark mode color palette detects system preferences and displays the appropriate theme automatically.

  • Auto-detect mode
  • Custom palette
  • Cookie memory
  • Custom gradients


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Frequently asked questions

How do I add custom SVG images?

Custom SVG images can be added to your site in multiple ways. The first option is to use the core Image block, however this requires the use of the Safe SVG plugin since WordPress doesn’t allow SVG uploads by default. There is also an SVG block variation provided with this theme which lets you simply paste SVG HTML code into an Image block. The third option is to use the Icon block variation. This displays an SVG icon which you can choose from a library of included icons, or upload your own.

How to change the site logo?

Head to the Site Editor and then navigate to the Header Template Part. From there, click on the existing logo and then replace it with a block of your choice. You can use an Image block, SVG, Site Logo or Site Title block as the site logo, the choice is yours. We prefer to use SVGs for logos because they scale perfectly at all screen sizes and also support variable colors which makes them ideal for use with dark mode and animations.

Does this theme require any plugins?

No, there are no plugins required by this theme. Everything you need to design an amazing website is provided by the framework.

How can I add animations to blocks?

Most core blocks have animation supported added. You can add and change transition effects without needing any code.

What version of PHP do I need?

PHP 7.4 or higher is required however we recommend using a later version PHP 8.2 or above.

How do I create an FAQ accordion?

There are 2 ways to add an accordion to your site with our theme. First, you can use an existing accordion from any of the included block patters. Secondly you can create your own from scratch using the core List block. Since the accordion uses a core block variation instead of a custom block, your content will not be lost if you ever decide to switch themes.

How can I display blog posts on the home page?

This theme comes with multiple blog patterns that can be used to display posts on any page. Simply add a blog pattern to your home page template, or the page that is set as the Front Page. You can customize the Query Loop to suit your needs.

How can I save user dark mode preferences?

No, there are no plugins required by this theme. Everything you need to design an amazing website is provided by the framework.

How to keep user dark mode setting?

Cookies can be used to store user dark mode settings when clicking the toggle switch

How do I create a child theme?

We recommend using the create block theme plugin to create your own child themes. With a little know-how, they can be the perfect way to build your own website. They inherit all of the parent theme’s design which saves you a tonne of work and provides a head start for your next project.


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