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Latest full site editing block themes

  • Launchify screenshot

    Perfect for digital startups, crypto, agencies and more. Launch style variation is a modern and futuristic design that is sure to impress.

  • Saasify screenshot

    Modern full site editing child theme for Blockify. Perfect for SaaS companies, startups, agencies, freelancer portfolios, crypto or any digital product or service business.

  • Mintify screenshot

    Mintify is a powerful WordPress theme designed specifically for crypto, fintech, and SaaS companies. With its clean and modern design, Mintify is the perfect choice for organizations looking to create a professional online presence.



Download the Blockify parent theme from WordPress.org

Download the free Blockify parent theme from WordPress.org and begin creating your own designs using the power of blocks.

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Blockify screenshot

Smart features

Everything you need to create amazing WordPress sites

Blockify enhances the WordPress editor with minimal customization settings which allow you to create better designs with core blocks

Automatic Updates

Build your website on top of a lightweight and reusable framework with regular automatic updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress features

Dark Mode

Provide an enhanced user experience by offering dark mode to reduce eye-strain and improve readability depending on the users system display preferences

SVG Icons

Easily add SVG icons anywhere on your site using a convenient Icon block variation (image block). Fully customizable and supports most core WordPress block feature

Custom Gradients

Additional support for modern gradient features including gradient text masks, conic gradients, background blurs, gradient button outlines and more

Design Resources

Helpful design tools and resources to help you create better designs with WordPress sites even faster. Click-to-copy patterns, color palettes, gradients and more

100% Page Speed

Built on top of the latest technology with performance in mind from the beginning so that you can achieve lightning fast page speed scores with your site

One-click Setup

Simply install and activate your chosen theme and your site will be automatically set up and ready to begin customizing from within the WordPress Editor

WooCommerce & EDD

Complete support for most popular plugins including WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, ACF and most third-party block plugins

CSS Animations

Easily add lightweight, CSS-only animations to almost any core block in just a few clicks. Choose from a large selection of pre-defined animations or add your own!

Block Extensions

Minimal customization features that extend WordPress in a natural way using only core components and packages, keeping your site as clean and lightweight as possible


Block patterns


Block extensions


Style variations


Free block themes

Block Themes

Growing collection of free and premium block themes

Additional design and customization settings for core WordPress blocks allowing you to create advanced designs and layouts


Absolute Positioning

CSS Filters

Responsive Controls

Hover Effects

Blocks and Extensions

Useful library of custom blocks and block variations

Built on top of the latest technology with performance in mind from the beginning so that you can achieve lightning fast page speed scores with your site.

Free Download

100% Page Speed

Block Patterns

Page Templates

One-click Install


Full integration and support for the most popular plugins. If there’s an integration missing that you need, let us know and we’ll happily add support.


Easy Digital Downloads

Ninja Forms


Block Libraries

Templates and patterns

Ready to use patterns and templates for your site

Quickly create your designs with access to a collection of pre-designed block patterns that can be added to pages with one click

Early access to the latest themes, blocks and design tools

Receive early access to exclusive new theme designs, custom blocks, design resources and WordPress tools. Become a Blockify Pro member for instant access.

  • Launchify screenshot
  • Saasify screenshot
  • Mintify screenshot
  • Creatify screenshot


Frequently asked questions

What is Blockify?
Blockify is a WordPress theme that utilizes the latest WordPress features. It adds powerful block and theme customization settings, multiple child themes, block patterns and style variations which can be used to create almost any kind of design with blocks. There is also a Pro plugin available which provides custom blocks and features that bring even more power and control to the Site Editor.
What versions of PHP are supported?
PHP 7.4 or higher is required however we recommend PHP 8 or above. Lower versions of PHP are no longer maintained or updated and are not recommended.
Do I need to install any plugins?
There are no plugins required by our WordPress themes. Everything you need to design an amazing website is provided by the Blockify parent theme framework and is regularly updated and tested with the latest
Who is Blockify for?
Blockify is made for designers and developers who are comfortable with WordPress and are ready to begin, or are already using the latest site editing features.
How to edit the front page template?
To edit the Front Page, first create a new page with any name you like. Add your choice of block patterns to the page, edit the content as needed and click Publish. Once published, navigate to Settings > Reading and set the Front Page to the page you created. If you don’t see the changes, make sure there is no custom Front Page set in the Editor. If there is, simply clear your customizations and it will be reverted to the theme default and work correctly. It’s best to always edit the front page from the page itself and not the Site Editor.
Where can I find more documentation?
We’re working hard on compiling the documentation for how to use all Blockify and Site Editor features. Documentation is available here and more is coming soon. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
How can themes have zero setup?
Block themes require zero setup, meaning the theme is already imported and ready to use upon activation. Simply install and activate your chosen theme and visit your home page, your site will be fully set up and ready to begin customizing from the Site Editor.
How to get started?
First install and activate the free Blockify theme from WordPress.org. This powers your site. Next, choose a child theme from our collection or create your own. Once you have a child theme active, head to the Site Editor and begin customizing to your liking.
How do I create a child theme?
We recommend using the create block theme plugin to create your own child themes. With a little know-how, they can be the perfect way to build your own website. They inherit all of the parent theme’s design which saves you a tonne of work and provides a head start for your next project.
Changes aren’t showing on my site?
This can happen for a number of reasons. One of the main causes of page content not being updated is that a custom template is set and needs to be removed. Other troubleshooting options to try are clearing customizations, removing unused templates, enabling WP_DEBUG to force regenerate theme.json. If you are not able to solve your issue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Question not answered above?

What People Are Saying


Good job, this theme is really beautiful and well done considering we haven’t even gotten to version 1.0.



A great FSE Theme with a lot attention to details. Thanks for the great work!



I love this product. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!



A great FSE Theme with a lot attention to details. Thanks for the great work!



I love how small and clean this theme is. I can now create any kind of website using this theme as a starting point.



My favorite full site editing theme so far. Multi-use case and very relatable. I can see lots us designers/developers starting a new project based on this theme.