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Dark mode

Improve user experience by offering one-click light and dark theme switching. The intelligent dark mode color palette detects system preferences and displays the appropriate theme automatically.

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All themes are tested with Google’s Lighthouse Accessibility reports to ensure your site provides sufficient aria-labels, keyboard navigation, correct color contrast ratios and more.

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100 page speed

Themes utilize a cleverly thought out CSS and JavaScript framework which loads assets separately only when they are used on a page to ensure the fastest load times possible.

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Easy customization

Minimal customization features that extend WordPress in a natural way for an enhanced editing experience. Change everything from colors, fonts, shadows, spacing and animations, to entire page templates, header positioning and more.

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Responsive settings

Fluid, intrinsic design system that automatically adapts to different screen sizes, plus additional minimalistic responsive settings to control the display, positions, effects and appearance of core blocks at different breakpoints.

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Pro add-on

Unlimited access to the complete block pattern library, custom blocks, 1000+ icons, 100+ custom fonts and more.

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Unlimited access to premium blocks, patterns and extensions

Become a Blockify Pro member and access the complete suite of tools for WordPress including exclusive themes, blocks, patterns, extensions, icons, design resources and more.